Bolek Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em BOUNTY

The event number 50 at the 2017 World Series of Poker was the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em BOUNTY.

At the end of this event, Chris Bolek was the happiest man as he was able to win the event in style and own the WSOP gold bracelet for the first time.

Bolek met Bryan Emory at the heads-up table. There were a total of 1,927 entries for this event and therefore the prize pool of the event was an attractive $2,601,450. Every elimination meant that $500 would be added to the account of the winner.

The competition was tough and with so many entries the final day was pushed to Day 4 instead of Day 3. There were some strong contenders like GovertMeetal, Dan Sindelar, and Richard Dubini that Bolek had to fight with at the final table. Bolek had the experience of playing in WSOP events and has cashed at WSOP for four times before this competition. Continue reading “Bolek Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em BOUNTY”

Indian Scene In Online Poker

There are many players who are emerging in the Indian online poker scenario.

Many names appear in the international poker playing circuit that is catching the attention of international poker companies as well. For instance, Abhishek Goindi or Aditya Agarwal is names that are being seen in the international poker playing circuits. PokerStars, which is the largest online poker company in the world, even signed up Agarwal in a sponsorship deal along with Kosei Ichinose from Japan last year to promote Asian players in different international poker tournaments. Muskan Sethi is one of the few women are trying to break the taboo that is associated with poker in India. As it is associated with gambling in this country, most participants in the games are men. However, Muskan is one lady who has been trying to change that trend. Continue reading “Indian Scene In Online Poker”

2016 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Main Event won by Justin Young

The penultimate main event of World Poker Tour’s 14th season is now in books.

Justin Young has came out as the winner, becoming the topper of a pack of 1222 entries in WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown 2016 US$ 3500 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event to become victorious in his very first World Poker Tour title as well as the 1st spot prize of US$ 669161.

The thirty-six year old from Henderson, Nevada, not just overcame a great pack but also had to contest with a few top-notch competition at final table. Conjoining him going into the final day where the prefers of Cate Hall, who was at her 3rd World Poker Tour final table of the season (ninth – US$ 65404), WPT L.A. Poker Classic 2016 4th spot ender Sam Soverel (seventh – US$ 110357) and WPT Five Diamond 2014 runner-up Garett Greer, who also finally ended in the 2nd position spot in this event for US$ 458722. Cate Hall had the scope to secure World Poker Tour Player of the Year award with a top-3 end in this event, but he fell short when she was the very first player rejected at the 9 handed final table.

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Scoring in Chinese Poker

A card game that has viewed its popularity gone up considerably over the last few years is the open-face Chinese poker. The popularity has been helped by unique Chinese poker marking system which lets poker players to acquire part of a round. Therefore, lower the variant experienced.

This is a game which has made its way to United States back in 2012 and since that time it has seen major card rooms like Bellagio and Wynn casinos located in Las Vegas scatter Chinese poker at its poker tables, and TonyBet Poker open the real money open-face Chinese poker online site.

The proportional ease and the fact a single round could be over in 5-to-10 minutes have served the game spread around the world quite faster compared to any other card game played today. All you require are a deck of cards as well as at least two players, and you’re ready to go.

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Christer “Chris” Björin plays low profile but his excellent performance forestalls this

Though poker provides the latitude to catapult one to fame, some players prefer to participate in the game as shining “underdogs”. One of those players who have personally tried to keep low profile and eschewing televised poker games but cannot be expunged from the poker players’ books of honor is Christer “Chris” Björin. He is a frequent participant at the WSOP and started playing back in the early 1990s; this has seen him clench twin bracelets at that event.

Like all forms of gambling, poker entails the players to approach the game with shrewdness and rigor. Consistency is warranted and leads to sharpening of skills, thus in their fledgling years players may not demonstrate their winning dispositions, but yet later, and they can be excellent achievers. Björin resume though eclipsed, his fame is bolstered by his enviable achievements that form a golden thread of magnificence.

First, his participation at the World Series of Poker have seen him finish in the money in the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em main events from 1992, 1997,2000,2008,2009,2010 and recently in 2011. Continue reading “Christer “Chris” Björin plays low profile but his excellent performance forestalls this”

George Danzer a poker player with better technical skills in game of poker

The player who has made the game really interesting. George has played tournaments where he was many times triumph as well lost many of these games. If you want to see the sport person spirit then it is George Danzer the best honored poker player.

George is a player that has turned the game at the last moment of time. The poker player who has played at main event and won cash prices for his excellence in game of poker. He is a player that has achieved strong goals only on basis of hard efforts and sportsman spirit in all the games he has played till today.

The George is a player who attended the poker games at various places and played this game very successfully and achieved this target. This is why he considered as a best poker player. We have listed down the poker events where he has played the game in world. Continue reading “George Danzer a poker player with better technical skills in game of poker”

Rise of the Professional Female Poker Players

Today, online poker is quickly turning into a female ruled area. Female poker players are on the ascent. There are various exceptionally skilled ladies in poker who stick to their own as well as are up there experiencing it out and taking first spots.

The facts demonstrate that out of each 5 new sign ups, one or two of them are female poker players. The common profile of a female joining is a lady between the ages of 24 and 26, who shops on the web, has a business profession, and is road savvy. So what’s pulling in the women?

Broadcast poker game give female poker players, for example Annie Duke, a mother who has made millions at the diversion, more than enough consideration – along these lines producing female part models. Online poker locales mean ladies can study the diversion and sharpen their abilities before playing openly.

Poker has a considerable measure of media consideration and ladies who are laid open to such media have ended up intrigued by attempting it out.

Different presentation entrances, for example high profile or famous person competitions give the picture of poker as something fun and energizing. Numerous ladies, incorporating Shannon Elizabeth, Kathy Liebert,  Annie Duke, and Cyndy Violette, have won colossal entirety of cash at the poker competitions.

More ladies are playing the amusement professionally. This implies that ladies who are solid in poker game and competition have engaged numerous other ladies to consume the amusement. The web makes a protected environment for playing.

Here are some regular negative stereotypes about female poker players. Numerous men expect female players of poker are generally not shrewd about feigning, wagering, perusing tells, untalented moderate playing, and unknowledgeable about the amusement, not equipped for combative play, setting traps, or tormenting.

Female poker players have been a minority as of not long ago, since poker was recognized to be a male vanquished game for quite a while. On the other hand, the rate of players who are ladies has climbed a considerable amount these days.