Jamie Gold-Poker player possessing a bracelet

When you think of a game, you can count numerous, yet it’s uncountable, as there are really number of games in this world. To narrate, it’s difficult, but there is a game called as Poker which is very much played by number of players. Professionals play the game effectively and they indulge in winning the game played in the events, whereby such a professional is Jamie Gold who has won a bracelet.

Multitalented person:

The professional poker player Jamie Gold was born on 1969, in the month of August. The player is really a talented agent, who also employs himself as the American television producer apart from playing the game Poker. The player is really a perfect professional who equally balances his timings and focuses both on playing Poker as well as he equips his time in spending for the activities for the department of production as president too. He mainly participates in major tournaments when it comes to play Poker. Born in Missouri, he graduated by the year 1987 and also earned his bachelor’s degree by 1991. Jamie also learnt entertainment law too.

When he was 16, he ventured in the entertainment field, as an intern. Becoming as a talented agent he paid his attention to management before turning as 21 (age). His interest in playing Poker rose when he was a teenager. He had learnt the art of playing Poker from his grandfather, who was gin rummy player and a champion too. It was Chan who mentored Jamie Gold.  By the year 2006, Jamie turned winning his foremost bracelet in WSOP. Jamie ventured various tournaments mainly to support children and charities too. There was a lot of criticisms for his playing, where Ferguson insisted him to stick with the game as he had a unique style of playing Poker.