Indian Scene In Online Poker

There are many players who are emerging in the Indian online poker scenario.

Many names appear in the international poker playing circuit that is catching the attention of international poker companies as well. For instance, Abhishek Goindi or Aditya Agarwal is names that are being seen in the international poker playing circuits. PokerStars, which is the largest online poker company in the world, even signed up Agarwal in a sponsorship deal along with Kosei Ichinose from Japan last year to promote Asian players in different international poker tournaments. Muskan Sethi is one of the few women are trying to break the taboo that is associated with poker in India. As it is associated with gambling in this country, most participants in the games are men. However, Muskan is one lady who has been trying to change that trend.

She is branded as a poker player at a professional level in this country. She states that her interest in poker came about when she watched poker events on TV with her father. She then moved on to poker in Facebook after which she was hooked to the game. Sethi initially started off by playing the game with play money. She then won a game against the pros in Barcelona in a competition organized by PokerStars. She then started to take part in different tournaments held in different parts of the world. The industry is growing steadily in different countries and India is being viewed as a lucrative market with several untapped segments. The population of 1.25 billion, with a growing urban population that is open to playing poker online, the Indian market is a gold mine for online poker companies. The regulations need to be formed in a more definite way in the country to allow the poker companies to operate within a regulated environment.