Erick Lindgren Poker Player-Holding the 2 bracelets in his hands

When you wish to play the game as like you wish to play so, you should have some choices to go on so which can turn easier. There are numerous games present in this world; thereby the games are very few which are playable, though there are number of games. When you consider the games which are playable across the world, the games are plentiful; thereby the very game which is played is Poker. Poker game is played professionally, whereby the professional players are numerous. Among such professional players, Erick Lindgren is much familiar for holding 2 bracelets by winning WSOP events.

Million dollar sum as prize:

Erick is an American Poker professional, who was born in California. His birth happened to be on August 11th 1976, he also holds the very fame for holding 2 World Poker Tour Titles. He was called by the nickname as E-Dog for the style of playing Poker. It was in the year 2002; he played his very first main tournament at Bellagio. Later followed by this, he turned winning the very first World Poker Tour. Later followed this, a six months later, he has won WPT Party Poker Million III Cruise. This place he walked proudly with the million dollar top prize.

It was by the year 2005, Erick finished in 2nd place in the World Series of Poker Circuit Event, then he finished in 5th place in the event of WPT LA Poker Classic. Later, he won the 2nd Professional Poker Tour Tournament. In year 2006, Erick turned winning the first prize in Poker Pro Showdown event, where he gave a defeating blow to Mike in the Heads-Up battle. Erick is the author of the book, “World Poker Tour”, where the strategy for playing the game is given so.