Danilo Velasevic Leading Among The Final Six At The Prague National

Only after 7 levels have been played, just a total of 6 players are remaining in the Poker Stars of European Poker Tournament Prague €1,100 National which is taking place at the Hilton Prague. One can easily determine the level of this game after seeing the results of this event until now. However, the best part is that all the six finalists will get guaranteed amount of €71,800 as the prize money, but when the play will resume in next morning all of the finalists will be eyeing up to get the prize money of €382,750 which is awaiting the winner of this final event.

Danilo Velasevic is leading the way because of his last bet, where he soars to the apex of the chip counts. Before getting into this comfortable position he outplayed Mohammad El-Rais which helped him to get the lead. Velasevic while interacting with the Poker News told them that “It was a game and day with many ups and downs, but I think, I really played some good game. I also made a few bluffs, and right now that final hand was very sick. I observed that the guy is 3-betting a lot and I just discovered that he was trying to fool me. And that was the reason I called.” Adding to this he said “I usually prefer to have a big stack before going into the last or final day of the event. In order to win, I’ll try my level best to put some pressure on the people.”
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The Fresh Online Poker Software, What Is In And What Is Out

Isle of Man-based online poker software provider, Microgaming recently launched its fresh online poker software; name Prima, on its MPN network.

This is the biggest software of the company update in its history, and the fresh client has been redesigned from scratch. The most impressive thing in the entire development of this new client is that, it took place in just more than six months.
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Tips For New Poker Room Players

Those who have tried playing poker at home or online, but never played it at a casino might feel hesitant and new to the playing environment.

For such people there have been a series of articles published that intend to guide them as to understanding how such a game is different and know how one should play to avoid losing money or breaking a rule that is often common for first timers.

There are procedures, etiquettes to be followed and rules that are distinct for most casinos. For those who are new to a casino, all such aspects can confuse them as well as make it difficult for one to understand how to proceed. One should not get embarrassed or intimidated. Those who are willing to become regulars at casinos would want to check out the casinos available to them. Once the poker destinations are checked out and you have chosen a poker room to play at, starting off becomes difficult. Continue reading “Tips For New Poker Room Players”

Bolek Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em BOUNTY

The event number 50 at the 2017 World Series of Poker was the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em BOUNTY.

At the end of this event, Chris Bolek was the happiest man as he was able to win the event in style and own the WSOP gold bracelet for the first time.

Bolek met Bryan Emory at the heads-up table. There were a total of 1,927 entries for this event and therefore the prize pool of the event was an attractive $2,601,450. Every elimination meant that $500 would be added to the account of the winner.

The competition was tough and with so many entries the final day was pushed to Day 4 instead of Day 3. There were some strong contenders like GovertMeetal, Dan Sindelar, and Richard Dubini that Bolek had to fight with at the final table. Bolek had the experience of playing in WSOP events and has cashed at WSOP for four times before this competition. Continue reading “Bolek Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em BOUNTY”

Negreanu Recalls His Success

Daniel Negreanu, the renowned poker champion successfully reached to the top much before the game became popular.

The player knew the potential of the game, but never did he predict that he would achieve success so fast. When he was 11 years old, his mother took him to a fortune teller who said that he would be rich and famous some day. However, not many people believed in him and his talent.

After a decade when he became a star of the game, he was the first ballot inductee in 2014 of Poker Hall of Fame. This was something that made people see what was coming for Negreanu. The Canadian born was not shocked when the Poker Hall of Fame knocked at his door. When he understood that he was inducted, he took it positively with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Continue reading “Negreanu Recalls His Success”

DellaBarca Wins Big At NJ Online Poker

The third Sunday of 2017 on the New Jersey online poker saw Michael “mdb77” DellaBarca become the biggest winner.

He won the online WSOP.com NJ/888poker NJ $50,000 Ultimate Warrior event against the likes of popular online grinders Joseph Fortuna, Jack King, Salvadore Cataldo and Joseph Liberta. At the final table, Michael DellaBarca was able to beat all popular online contestants to win $13,500.

Salvadore “Doctor_Duke” Cataldo came second and grabbed prize money of $7,875 and the fourth place went to another popular online poker Joseph “joey1way” Fortuna and he won $3,500. The other popular online player Jason “LuckDuck” Lawhun finished the final table in 5th position and won $3,000. Joseph “megolaman1ac” Liberta finished in the 6th position with prize money of $2,500 and Jack “Jaybone” King came 7th with $1,900 as his winning amount. Continue reading “DellaBarca Wins Big At NJ Online Poker”

Indian Scene In Online Poker

There are many players who are emerging in the Indian online poker scenario.

Many names appear in the international poker playing circuit that is catching the attention of international poker companies as well. For instance, Abhishek Goindi or Aditya Agarwal is names that are being seen in the international poker playing circuits. PokerStars, which is the largest online poker company in the world, even signed up Agarwal in a sponsorship deal along with Kosei Ichinose from Japan last year to promote Asian players in different international poker tournaments. Muskan Sethi is one of the few women are trying to break the taboo that is associated with poker in India. As it is associated with gambling in this country, most participants in the games are men. However, Muskan is one lady who has been trying to change that trend. Continue reading “Indian Scene In Online Poker”

2016 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Main Event won by Justin Young

The penultimate main event of World Poker Tour’s 14th season is now in books.

Justin Young has came out as the winner, becoming the topper of a pack of 1222 entries in WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown 2016 US$ 3500 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event to become victorious in his very first World Poker Tour title as well as the 1st spot prize of US$ 669161.

The thirty-six year old from Henderson, Nevada, not just overcame a great pack but also had to contest with a few top-notch competition at final table. Conjoining him going into the final day where the prefers of Cate Hall, who was at her 3rd World Poker Tour final table of the season (ninth – US$ 65404), WPT L.A. Poker Classic 2016 4th spot ender Sam Soverel (seventh – US$ 110357) and WPT Five Diamond 2014 runner-up Garett Greer, who also finally ended in the 2nd position spot in this event for US$ 458722. Cate Hall had the scope to secure World Poker Tour Player of the Year award with a top-3 end in this event, but he fell short when she was the very first player rejected at the 9 handed final table.

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